20 pictures that show how fascinating the world is and never ceases to amaze us

1. Reflection of the moonlight in mountains.

2. Two bullets collided in midair during the First World War

3. The North Pole of Saturn during a storm

4. George Washington's Teeth

5. A rare species photographed in China for the first time after 20 years

6. A Hotel in China that looks like a castle

7. A tree full of goats

8. The final part of the Great Wall of China

9. A Roman centurion

10. Glass pool suspended between two buildings, London (England).

11. Manhattan today and as it was 500 years ago 

12. A Cave of volcanic ice 

13. An armadillo activating its defenses

14. An eclipse and a sunset at the same time

15. A microscopic image of the human language

16. Death Cliff (2,130 meters high), China.

17. Aurora borealis View of space

18. Mount Everest seen from above

19. The sharpest image removed from the planet Mercury

10M Cancer cells under an electron microscope

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