Intelligent dinosaurs came out of the Earth millions of years ago

Astonishing evidence of investigations during this and the last century led some researchers to believe that a race of the dinosaur era never completely extinguished: this reptilian race, the smartest, survived.

Highly adaptable and cunning raptors could have survived the asteroid's impact on the Yucatán millions of years ago and the subsequent massive climate change. They would be the predecessors, of what some scientists agree, of a great evolved and intelligent race, the Reptilians. These dinosaurs could have finally created advanced technologies and a super that led them to have incredible knowledge, including the construction of interstellar ships. Over time, they could have explored and colonized other planets, creating a network of societies off-world.

Some researchers from "extraterrestrial contactors" argue that many of the encounters with today's ETs are not aliens from another world, but with the original lords of the Earth.

The breed of dinosaurs has seen humanity evolve over millions of years, subtly pushing human beings to an unknown goal: a goal that leads a mysterious, perhaps terrifying agenda, that only the Lord dinosaurs (Reptilians Know?

For many years scientists have imagined the disappearance of the dinosaur race as a mass extinction, following the catastrophic collision of a gigantic asteroid with the Earth in the region of Chicxtulub, Yucatán. They described a dark world, an atmosphere muffled by dust and carbon storms that swayed tens of thousands of forest fires.
Its scenario coincides with the hypothesis of the ' nuclear winter ' of the popular astronomer Carl Sagan.

Years ago, scientists believed that most plants died after the impact, resulting in the hunger of herbivores and when those who ate the plants died, as well as the carnivores who fed on them. Even the mighty T. Rex has finally succumbed. But that was then, and this is now. And now a different image has emerged. New evidence points to the strong possibility that all dinosaurs did not die within a few years of the asteroid's impact. Some have survived for many hundreds of thousands of years.

New data also showed that the impact of Chicxtulub actually occurred 300,000 years ago, before the schedule originally accepted, so it could not explain the mass extinction of the race of dinosaurs that followed. The Yucatán asteroid didn't kill the dinosaurs, says the study. Another fact has concerned some paleontologists for many years: as the most successful species on Earth that have suffered many climate change over a period of almost 230 million years have succumbed so rapidly to climate change? The answer, other scientists say, is that dinosaurs did not succumb quickly. It took up to 700,000 years for these to disappear.

Over the last decade, mountains of evidence point to a completely new picture about dinosaurs, their physiology, how they lived and how they died. Scientists have made a great rethink of the extinction of dinosaurs. These reptiles were also much more agile than scientists believed for a long time. Some have developed rudimentary hands that could eventually allow them to model and use tools.
Some had brains evolving into true intelligence, like the velociraptors.

Surprisingly, all the necessary elements that allowed some dinosaur breeds to develop intelligently, at least the size of the primitive man, were confirmed. And once the dinosaurs reached that level on the evolutionary scale, they had a better chance of surviving. But is there any real evidence of the emergence of intelligent dinosaurs?

Yes, there is.

Having a conscious brain that can think of solutions and extrapolate is an important step towards intelligence, but to be totally effective, the brain needs to be connected to accessories that can significantly modify the environment. Such an accessory should be very adaptable and capable of manipulating small things with a high degree of dexterity. Although dolphins are intelligent, they do not have manipulative accessories, but humans have accessories that fit the criteria: the hands; And these also grew in some of the dinosaurs.

Such accessories, concomitant to the evolution of intelligence, allow the manipulation of habitats, the creation of rudimentary tools and weapons, and a better ability to dominate the environment.

' Sarahsaurus Aurifontanalis, a dinosaur that dwelt on the continent of North America 200 million years ago, was a small herbivore. However, what the Sarahsaurus did not have, he compensated with hands: manipulative hands that were similar in size to human hands. And according to the paleontologist's studies, the creature's hands gave him great power and influence.

' Evolutionary Bioparanoia ', an article by John C. McLoughlin published in Animal Kingdom magazine, postulates the development of intelligent dinosaurs. Other researchers followed the concept. The only restriction that the researchers saw for the possibility of intelligent dinosaurs was that extinction came to them very quickly. They didn't have time to think and survive.

The author Thomas P. Hopp writes on his blog:

Among the paleontologists of our time, the notion of intelligent dinosaurs arises more often than you can imagine. Although researchers in this area currently do not risk their reputations by proposing a human intellect among creatures 65 million years ago, there have been many scientific discussions of the capacity of the brain that existed within the skulls of creatures Big and small in the Cretaceous.

Yet another blogger speculates about a recent theory that intelligent dinosaurs rule other planets. In "extremely intelligent dinosaurs could rule other planets in the universe," the writer refers to a fascinating study that appears in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, predicting that "advanced versions of T. Rex and other dinosaurs, Monstrous creatures with intelligence and cunning of human beings, may be life forms that evolved on other planets in the universe. " FoxNews also took the theme of the intelligent Dinosaurs and reported: "… that there are probably some super evolved alien dinosaurs, nerds in space" and that "it would be better not to join one of them."

The original deadline for the extinction of the dinosaurs, however, was biased. Some dinosaurs continued to exist until 700,000 years later, long enough for dinosaurs like Velociraptor to evolve into a higher degree of intelligence, creating agriculture, weapons, shelters, and eventually towns and cities. These reptiles could have developed a language, eventually written, created tools and more advanced weapons. Even though they were warriors, fighting with each other, competing for the best lands and resources.

As reptilian cultures developed, they could become more sophisticated. Intelligent reptiles, protected from elements with more efficient and advanced clothing, shelters and farming methods. The discoveries were progressing and the energy was dominated. Finally, many millions of years before some mammals became human, the reptile race had flying machines, satellites and spaceships. Finally, they explored other stellar systems. Even though they were advanced, they left their homeland, visiting only occasionally to observe and monitor the life that continues to evolve on Earth, including the first hominids, which eventually became Homo sapiens.

The Grand Master of Conspiracies David Icke has achieved worldwide fame with 19 international bestsellers and a large number of followers. Icke is the driving force against a gang of secrets of Reptiles-humanoids (variedly called Reptilians or Reptiloides), the "Brotherhood of Babylon" that manipulates and directs innocent human beings for their own purposes.

In a book, "The Greatest secret," he says that human beings are the product of a diabolical program of breeding of the reptilians, transformed almost-intelligent simple monkeys into humanoids slaves to serve their reptile masters. Adopting the Sumerian hypothesis of the extraterrestrial race of Anunakis of Zecharia Sitchin, Icke created a frightening scene of the incredible nature and artificial existence, the Lizard Demon lords and the manipulation of consciousness. In essence, reality is nothing more than an illusion directed and manipulated by cold, soulless reptilian beings. The only reality, Icke says, is the reptilian kingdom of the absolute.

Could any of this be true?

Incredibly, intelligent reptiles (dinosaurs) could have a real basis. Some paleontologists have seriously thought about how these beings could have evolved if they hadn't been wiped out by the impact of the Yucatán asteroid. Their extrapolations may be closer to the truth than they believe because the evidence is emerging that the most intelligent reptiles have not been destroyed by a fire all over the world, but have had nearly three quarters of 1 million years to become Intelligent, similar to the current human. The concept, as you can imagine, is very controversial. Some paleontologists support or are intrigued by this; Other scientists harshly criticize the idea as unfounded or at most homocêntrica arrogance.

Writes on the subject, Dr. Dale Russell, discoverer of the Stenonychosaurus (now called Troodon), of the National Museum of Natural Sciences in Ottawa, Canada.

He says:

Dinosaurs from the Upper Cretaceous were on the right track to become intellectual animals, and this would have happened if the dinosaurs had not been extinct. The Stenonychosaurus had an opposite thumb, about a metre high and binocular vision. He had all the ingredients for success as we see later in the development of monkeys.

Again, in light of the new discoveries on the timeline for the extinction of dinosaurs, you should consider the question: the velociraptors, Troodon or dinosaurs learned how to survive these hundreds of thousands of additional years and reached a high Intelligence level? The odds seem to be getting better.

UFO researchers generally agree that extraterrestrial visitors seem to have many shapes and sizes. Some researchers claim that there are 81 different races of ETs that visit the Earth in ships of size and unimaginable configurations. Most researchers familiar with contact and abduction cases by ETs agree that most humanoids beings fall into several important categories, including the Grays, Nordics (tall, blond, well-developed, men and women Indistinguishable from us, and sometimes seen with ashes), the drones (insectoides creatures that sometimes accompany the Grays) and the Reptilians.

The famous ufologist and theorist Jacques Vallee calls the ETs "messengers of Deceit." Other researchers have called them intruders, invaders or manipulators. Even other researchers (familiar with animal and human mutilations, strange tracking programs and terrifying abduction sessions carried on board ships with advanced technology seem almost magical) call us demons and Killers. The records, dating back thousands of years, reveal an extraterrestrial intelligence or intelligence that has guided the course of human civilization in ways not always beneficial to the human race. So, the aliens are here to help, being ambivalent, assimilating humans through the mutation of DNA or ruling them as the Masters of the world?

Of all the aliens, the Reptilians (and the legends and myths about them) are the only beings who infiltrate the history of mankind.

Writer Claire L. Evans on the Science blog Badim Universe Everything reflects on the Agenda of the Reptilians. Although much of it is ironic, it defines precisely the chances of conspiracy that basically revolve around humanoids reptiles. They are "highly intelligent, supernatural and highly developed reptile-human hybrids, or reptiloides, who are able to shape-shift and supposedly control all major secret societies, the royal lineage and the Earth's governments."

In addition to David Icke, Evans also points to researcher John Rhodes. The theory proposes that Rhodes is the only new evidence that is beginning to be supported: some of the so-called aliens are actually evolved dinosaurs that have survived and are now far more advanced than human beings. This may be because the breed of intelligent dinosaurs has an evolution of several million years ahead of the human race.

Rhodes was ' the first ' to investigate seriously and publicly current claims of reptilian humanoids observations, founding the Research Center in the late 90.

Evans reveals:

Rhodes argues that these cryptological mysteries are not extraterrestrial in nature, nor do they have anything to do with the governments of the world. This kind of talk is just an instinctive collective fear of the current global political climate. Your lizard men, on the other hand, are evolved dinosaurs.

If intelligent dinosaurs exist, what are their motives? What's your schedule? Are they benign or sinister? Perhaps, anthropological studies are being carried out, or a long-range sociological study of an intelligence that has followed a different evolutionary path, sharing even its maternal world with them. Or perhaps the motives of these reptiles are much darker and sinister.

What do you think of that? Leave your comment below.


An interesting hypothesis that some dinosaurs had the chance to evolve more than us. After all, they had the time on their side. Not to mention that some scientists suspect that there was a civilization on Earth before us humans.