Fireball sighted in Tasmania-this video is disturbing the Internet

A mysterious video filmed by a resident in Tasmania has triggered rumors of UFO's that only grow every second. Lee-Anne Peters was awake before sunrise and noticed a fireball in the sky. "There's a meteorite of a rather large fireball moving towards the eastern sunrise. I have it on video and I will share it soon. ", wrote your status on Facebook, posted on February 27th at 6.44 hours. Https:// the probable burning of a small satellite in the atmosphere led to great excitement.
As the skies lit up on Tasmania on the morning of February 28th, the same occurred with the speculation of Facebook which included-sigh-alien interventions. The reality seems much more prosaic: a Lemur-2 CubeSat owned by Spire Global came to Earth. And there's plenty more where he came from. Aliens-Fireball

Tasmania's fireball, as posted on Facebook by Lee-Anne Peters

Between September 2015 and October 2016, Spire released 17 CubeSats of three units in its Lemur-2 program, and what fell yesterday was Lemur-2-NATE. Airservices Australia originally told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation what people had seen was an airplane. The Vulture South asked the agency if he had reviewed his opinion since then and replied only that "Airservices is aware of an aircraft that passed through Australian airspace over Hobart at 7:30 UTC/6:30 AEDST on Tuesday, February 28, 2017" . That was Emirates EK488 on the route from Dubai to Auckland, NZ. The astronomer Brad Tucker of the Australian National University presented the Lemur-2 as a possible source of the fireball.

Tucker told the Vulture South that he's 75% sure it's Lemur-2-NATE, because the predicted re-entry orbit took over Tasmania, and the weather was right.

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Lemur-2-NATE reentry forecastLemur-2 reentry forecast for Spacejunk.

The Lemur-2 birds are part of a constellation of 125 units designed with a two-year design life. Since the Lemur-2-NATE was released in early 2016, his alleged disappearance was premature. Benzoic.

Another hypothesis raised is that in fact it is a plane captured in photography at a particular time of solar exposure that generated this effect watch: v = POnNU4DmiEM  

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