Hunters are devoured by lions in reserve in South Africa

It is believed that the three entered illegally into the property to hunt rhinos, but were surprised by the felines
A group of Lions devoured at least three hunters in South Africa. 

A group of Lions devoured at least three hunters in South Africa.  Photo: Pixabay/Designerpoint

At least three hunters may have been devoured by lions trying to illegally enter a reservation to hunt for rhinos. The case took place at the Sibuya Game Reserve Resort, in Cape Oriental, South Africa. According to the Daily Mail, judging by the amount of blood, it is estimated that three hunters were eaten by the Lions. The exact number, however, may never be discovered, since the area has many points of closed kills, which makes it difficult to know if there are more people in the region. According to the reservation, were found in the areas three pairs of shoes, plus a head and several body parts and bloodied members. Reserve teams also collected heavy artillery rifles with silencers, cutters and an axe used by hunters to remove the horn from the Rhinos. Owner of the site, Nick Fox stated to the newspaper that the flock was ready to stay days in the region. "We found heavy weapons and enough food for days, so we suspected they were right behind our rhinos," he said. "But the lions are our vigilantes and guardians, they found the wrong group and ended up becoming a meal," he said. "We are saddened by the loss of any life, but this sends a clear message to the hunters that they will not always come out winners," he continued.

The reserve is one of the most popular in the region and is much sought after mainly by British tourists who want to observe the "5 great" Animals of Africa: The elephant, the buffalo, the leopard, the rhino and the lion. In 2016, the site lost three rhinos when poachers entered the park and killed them to remove their horns. The hunt for these animals has become a problem in the region: only this year, nine rhinos were killed in reserves. In February, a hunter was also devoured by lions at the Umbabat Game Reserve, near Kruger National Park. The family had to recognize the subject only by the remains of his body: the head.

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