Scientists discover Ocean ' ' 3 times larger than all of the surface ' ' below the Earth

Https:// There are those who can remember the story of Jules Verne-Journey to the Center of the Earth. The story follows the journey of Professor Otto, his nephew Axel, and his guide Hans following the footsteps of a 16th-century explorer named Arne Saknussemm to the center of the Earth. During the voyage, they discover a huge deep ocean beneath the surface of the Earth. Reality may not be far from fiction because scientists have discovered that in the depths of the Earth, there is an underground ocean. Underground ocean? After decades of research and hypothesis, scientists have finally concluded the existence of a large body of water within the mantle of the Earth. It is not so much a body of water, since it is an underground ocean, which is three times the volume of the ocean surface. This discovery can point to a possible natural system of a water cycle on earth. Groundwater seeps into the underwater reservoir and through geological processes, the water is forced upward to the surface to form the oceans. This discovery may eventually replace the theory that the Earth's oceans are formed from a series of icy comets that have been flying from the earth for millions of years. The study was a joint effort between groups of researchers and geophysical scientists from both the United States and Canada. The necessary data were recovered from the USAarray, which is a series of hundreds of seismographs that were placed throughout the United States to monitor audio frequencies arising from the seismic and geophysics activity of the background below the surface. Scientists are learning a lot about the composition of our planet to this day. And the more they can understand, the more accurate will predictions regarding climate change, weather and sea levels. In an edition of "Nature" magazine, an article stated that scientists discovered a small diamond that later proved that there is a vast reservoir of water under the mantle of the Earth. Graham Pearson, University of Alberta, Canada, and principal author of the study, explained the effects of discovery, "This provides extremely strong confirmations that there are wet stains in the depths of the Earth. The transition zone can contain as much water as all the oceans put together, one reason why the earth is a dynamic planet, is the presence of water inside. The water changes depend on the way the world works. "After all the countless researches and calculations, scientists have located the ocean in a zone between the layers of the upper and lower mantle. This region is estimated at about 400 to 660 km below the surface. The discovery of the ocean can lead to a difference in the way people understand what is below the surface of the Earth. What was once thought to be layers and layers of solid rock all the way to the core of the Earth, might not be as solid as science thought. The Earth may not be exactly hollow, but it is now the possibility that there may be more than one ocean present below the surface. The diamond that proved that an ocean existed below the surface of the earth actually contained a mineral called ringwoodite. The functions of minerals are like a sponge, absorbing moisture and water. As tectonic plates of the earth change, the minerals are pushed deeper and deeper toward the Earth's core.   With these new discoveries, it may be the opportune time to set up an expedition to the center of the Earth.

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