Sky turns red as blood in the Middle East, awakening fears of the apocalypse

Video images published on YouTube and Facebook reveal the moment when locals were impressed by an impressive event in their city. Https:// shared on May 11 last, the video shows the Red Sky dominating the whole scenario, while witnesses take witnesses took pictures and film the rare phenomenon that occurred in Yemen, according to video published in Facebook that can be seen at the end of this article. Looking to know a little more about the incident, I found some comments from readers on another site. One comment said:

It's written in the Bible. The moon will turn red as blood, so he [Jesus] is coming back very soon.

Another added:

Something very bad is about to happen to our planet.

But another person, who probably lived or lived in the Middle East, gave another explanation:

Sandstorm, the same thing happened in Baghdad in 2003. We thought Saddam had launched a chemical attack.

Sandstorm clouds often occur in Syria and Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, but generally do not reach a tone as reddish as what you see in the video. Even if it's something natural, it was really scary.