Trump wants NASA to search for aliens – funding needs to be approved in Congress

Once again, NASA will be able to search for extraterrestrial life If a project is approved by the United States Congress. If the green light is given, NASA will search for alien life throughout the galaxy after closing the original hunt in 1992. The resource allocation bill would provide US $10 million to "search for technological signatures, such as radio transmissions" in Deep space.


The astronomer Jill Tarter said the project could achieve a lot of things. She added:

US $10 million once a year won't do much. But US $10 million a year, as a continuous flow of funding, can do a lot. It could allow people to build instrumentation for special purposes and use it in the sky for a long time.

Before NASA interrupted its search for alien life 25 years ago, its astronomers aimed at communication signals that used a narrow set of frequencies. But after decades of searching, astronomers were unable to find any sign of extraterrestrial life. Source) Even with the search for NASA being shut down 25 years ago, we know that the SETI Institute and others continued their research in an attempt to find technological signals from aliens, through their possible radio transmissions.