UFO that "pursued" commercial aircraft is identified (almost right)

Since the second aircraft did not leave a trace behind, the obvious conclusion was that it used some kind of propulsion different from the first commercial aircraft, and could even be an experimental vessel, or even extraterrestrial, because there are Many cases of unidentified objects following commercial aircraft. Now, Kröning, from the site mmufo.com.br, has done a video analysis, crossing the day and time data of the sighting with the Flightradar24 application, which shows the flights by aircraft worldwide, both in real time and past records. See what he found out: it is almost certain that the excellent work of the affair has solved the case.  The reason one of the aircraft is leaving its trail of steam behind and the other is not, probably given the difference in altitude of both.  

In any case, I reiterate here my thanks to Rodrigo Lage for his insight in filming something that seemed anomalous, and I ask him and all who always stay tuned looking at the sky, because although in this instance the object in question was probably another aircraft Commercial, many things seen in the sky continue to be unexplained. And even if it's not, their capture in video and further analysis helps a lot in the study of the UFO phenomenon. I also thank the Kröning for her analysis of the case. Always, eyes in the sky… and feet on earth!