UFOs, meditation and an emerging world

A little-known religious sect, with members of New Zealand, believe that the circles are evidence of UFOs that seek to bring humanity to a higher spiritual form. There are true believers among us. Under dazzling lights designed on bricks and stained glass, they teach the uninitiated on benevolent UFOs, governments that hide the truth, and a new radical era to come. They sit in a dark church twice a week to meditate on a world in turmoil, transmitting energy to our salvation. The comprehensive beliefs maintained by the followers of Share International – awaiting further instructions after the death of their spiritual leader – may seem totally out of order. But for the dozens of long-time dedicated members in Wellington, it is said that their commitment to obscure religion responds to unsatisfactory questions. A recent evening, members of Share, Sophia and Michael, held a monthly presentation on UFOs and circles at the Trinity Union Church in Newtown. Share members did not reveal their surnames for privacy reasons. "We understand," begins Sophia, a long-haired black counselor who flows over draped clothes, while she nods her hand on the suspended screen. "They tell us," says Michael, a graphic designer with well trimmed hair and practical black leather shoes, while he introduces the Powerpoint slides into a notebook.

Wellingtonianos, from the left, Wendy, Gunda, Michael and Steven are some of the twelve members of Share International who joined the group about two decades ago.

The exposed information can be controversial for many, says Michael to the group of Seven. "Just keep an open mind." Tonight's audience includes four young women, two who are clearly here for fun. There's a tall Australian who saw two UFOs, and wearing a hat is the local UFO researcher, Tim Mills. Mills would later describe the visions of Share as being "subjective". Michael begins by explaining that we are visited by the Space brothers and sisters who guided the humans through the passage of time. The alien annihilators of Hollywood are part of the disinformation and the governments know of their presence, but there is a lot of pressure not to disclose. "It looks like they're watching from afar and really helping with our evolutionary growth." It is easy to get lost in the plot of myths and historical artifacts presented as evidence – Atlantis, Alexander the Great and Louis XIV are mentioned – but there are recent demonstrations referenced from benevolent grace.

The Share International was founded by Mystic Benjamin Cream, headquartered in London, and a dozen members of Wellington meet weekly to meditate on a world in turmoil, and push humanity into a new era – called Aquarius era.

A UFO squadron is believed to have analyzed the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011, and "We are told" that they are working to absorb the radiation in our ocean. "If it weren't for your tireless activity, we'd be a lot sicker than we already are." The earthquake lightning, a mysterious phenomenon reported after the earthquake of Kaikōura, is considered another example of its work. "I wonder if the Space brothers were here in Wellington, the fact that no one died…" says Sophia. Equally misunderstood is the nature of matter and the seven ' etheric plans ' that these cosmic beings go through. UFOs attract people into the room, but it's just part of the picture. Members of the Share anticipate the emergence of a messianic figure called Maitreya, which will lead humanity to a golden age. Maitreya – which is said to have left the Himalayas in 1970 and now lives with the ' Asian Community ' in London – has taken on many forms in the last few decades. It is said that he performed miracles in Nairobi, spoke on cable television of the United States and participated in the birth of a white Kiwi in Wairarapa. There is more to come and little room to say everything, but it all comes down to this: the United Nations. The international body will be reformed and correct the increasing inequality, environmental degradation and suffering. "We are so divided," says Michael near the end of the presentation. The member of Share International, Wendy, was taken by the group's beliefs after attending a lecture by the Mystic Benjamin Creme in 1990. It's like if I had realized something. Cream preached based on esoteric spiritualism, prophesied in books and lecture events (supposedly five times in New Zealand) and claimed to have a personal spirit in his ear, guiding this work. Where some religious institutions create opulent lives through the contributions of their followers, it seems that members of New Zealand share little more than their time. There are costs to hire salons, produce materials for display at the Newtown fair and some members travel internationally for conferences. After four decades predicting the arrival of Maitreya, Cream died in 2016 and with it broke the connection of Share to the larger cosmic plane. But there's still work to be done. Wellington's twelve supporters met at the end of May, as they did for two decades, to perform a "transmission meditation" session. Meditation is simple: 2 hours spent in the dark, focusing the attention of the mind between the eyebrows. "Nothing" happens during this session, says Michael. There are no messages received from Space brothers or sisters, nor travel through the cosmos. The practice is to receive energy from other spiritual plans, transforming it and channeling it to parts of the world where it is needed. And for a group of spiritual people who see so much evil in this world, this is considered a service. "Maybe I'm just doing a small part to help the world, but I'm still doing something worthwhile," says Steven, a kindergarten teacher. Source