We live in a virtual reality-physical explains why

Many scientists and physicists have reported that the reality we are in is a simulated holographic reality. However, there has not been much explanation as to why we are in such a reality and how we are expanding our consciousness by being here. In this article, we will explore the overview of how a controlled simulation based on fear can trigger different awakenings and choices that begin to change the nature of reality itself. Physicist Tom Campbell did the study with Robert Monroe through out-of-body experiences through altered states of consciousness. The goal was to explore the nature of our non-physical reality in order to learn more about why we are in a physical reality and how to change it. He began consciously to experiment in the non-physical realm in order to understand how consciousness works. He deduced that consciousness is primary and physical reality was a derivative of it. Tom is the author of my Big toe, the Theory of Everything, (my toe, the whole theory – title in free translation) that discussed that the mind modifies and creates the physical, not the other way around. He then deduced that the same physics that explained the consciousness, explained quantum mechanics. According to Tom, consciousness is an information computer. Our five senses read or interpret what is the data in our reality.  


Moreover, if consciousness is an information system, information systems evolve and grow by lowering their entropy.

Lower entropy is more order and high entropy is disorder. With this explanation, humanity must strive for low entropy in order to evolve this simulated reality into something better. In a virtual physical reality, there is a speed limit and a pixel of time moves through a pixel away. Physical reality has a set of parameters, but players are actually consciousness out of reality, experiencing reality through an avatar. The act of realizing that we do not originate within the physical reality frees our consciousness to expand beyond the parameters of this reality. This reality only exists in the minds of players. Our intention can change our reality by modifying the future likelihood and interpreting the data in a different way. We can't change everything, including other people's free will options. We can only move the likelihood of the future a certain amount into a physical reality, but larger changes can occur at the level of consciousness, making better choices. To evolve, we can break the standards of this current reality by introducing more information that increases order. The modification occurs by cooperating, loving and caring for each other, as opposed to being self-centered and fearful. Finally, if everyone tries to optimize for everyone else, and everyone honors each other's free will, our reality will change instantaneously. The reality in which we were existing was ' des-desenvolvida ' and it is not sustainable. It was centered on fear and self-preservation, where fear is aligned in the hierarchy in order to control power through a small group that holds most of the resources. When computer simulation begins to make more evolved choices that matter and are worthy of support, individualized units of consciousness enter the system and begin to play the roles of reality, because the choices then matter. That's what's happening right now in the system, as more real consciousness comes in and makes the simulation real. More and more physicists are learning this theory of virtual reality and its purpose. When the dominant science begins to report the true nature of our reality, everything we have been taught will also have to change. This will prove that we are part of a larger connected consciousness, which acts in the physical. Science, philosophy, theology and metaphysics will enter into a single understanding. According to Tom, this reality is an "entropy reduction coach" for individuation units of consciousness. We have a mission or purpose to be here, which is to increase the quality of our consciences. In other words, evolve through spiritual growth, and our reality here is the fastest way where entities will make meaningful and important choices that help them evolve more quickly. Our mission is to be kind and take care of other people. In doing so, our life can be happier and full of joy amid the greed and control that exists in physical virtual reality. Those who make centered and fearful choices will fight and be full of negative emotions and struggles. Without fear and ego, we begin to make choices that support us, as well as other people. Source)